Tourism in Anakapalli

AnakapalliAnakapalli is a small town nestling close to the “City of Destiny” namely Vishakaptnam. The city is famous for its jaggery and melas. The most dominant community here are the Vaishyas. Anakapalli is surrounded by hills and there are some good tourist spots to visit here.
The  famous Bojjankonda caves are here. They are sacred to the Buddhists and one can see their stupas and  meditation  halls out here.

The largest second fresh water lake in Andhra Pradesh  is found here at Kondakarla. Kondakarla lake is a anglers paradise. It is a beautiful spot with waterlilies and birds.  

The virgin beaches here are alluring to the eyes and there is no hustle, bustle of traffic or people. There are a few lodges and three star hotels to stay in Anakapalli.

In the evenings roadside joints come up to cater to the gastronomic delights of the people. But the town goes to sleep early. By nine all the roads are deserted and people flock to their homes.

Anakapalli is fast developing into a major  town. Nearby a “Special Economic Zone”, has come up and many industries have come up there.    

But still Anakapalli has not overgrown its rustic origin. One can still see the rural life out here. So if one want some peace and a whiff of fresh air, one can better pack his bags and head to this town.           

How to Reach

Major trains make their halt here and the National Highway seven passes through this town. The airport of Vishakaptnam is nearby. So the town is well connected by road, rail and air.

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